About CCM

Photography tips for Moms … Inspiring Moms to take control of their intimidating digital SLR cameras, so they can create and enjoy beautiful, ‘storytelling’ photos of their families.

Real Moms – Real kids – Real life – – Real photos!

This Site will:

1.teach you how to use your SLR camera
2. inspire you to pick up your cameras more
3. inspire you to get ‘storytelling’ shots of your kids (not just mug shots)
4. help you with composition ideas
5. help you with skill and camera settings; helping you move off the green box to get more out of your camera
6. build a community of moms to share ideas and encourage each other
7. provide everyday examples to inspire and assist your personal photography style development
8. teach you how to organize and backup your images so they are always safe
9. encourage you to enjoy your photos by getting them off your computer and into your life

This Site will not:
1. I will not spend time on how to set up your own photography business but rather we will encourage your personal photography hobby. (but don’t be surprised if your friends start asking you to photograph their kids!)
2. I will not dive too deep in to the advanced technical mumbo-jumbo of post editing and Photoshop actions: we have to learn to get it right out of the camera with no time to waste, we are very busy moms!

We live in a modern world and you are a modern mom running to catch up with your kids, your life, and all the scary digital camera rules out there. You know the importance of capturing your children while they are still little but you are very busy and you may not be quite caught up with all the technical info about your camera’s dials and buttons. You are not digitally prepared. You are embarrassed to say that you still don’t have a good system for organizing your digital images and they are all in folders all over your computer. True confession: You can’t remember the last time you even had anything printed! And then there is the never-ending guilt because you know that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done. Let’s face it, you are the family photographer. You want great photos of your kids but you may not know how to get them. You are not alone; don’t let this stop you in your quest for your next ‘best’ favorite photo! The traditional pro photo portrait may be necessary sometime but, trust me you want to capture some everyday magical ‘storytelling’ shots of your beautiful kiddos yourself.

If you are looking for fast, easy, stress-free, fun ways to turn your memories into wall worthy ‘good-enough-for-the-Pottery Barn frames’ photos that you have been dreaming about, (or if you just want better photos for your albums of your cute kids in their world!), you have come to the right place … read on, your kids are growing up by the minute, there is no time to waste!

I promise: I will always try to keep things very simple and will spend our precious time only on everyday practical applications to help you make your photos better than you ever dreamed they could be!

Confident Camera Mom Melanie Hempe


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