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Are Your Photos Hanging Around Your House?..they should be!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Now that you have a collection of wonderful photos of your wonderful family it is time to enjoy them around the house!

What can you do with your priceless photos?  

  • *  Put them in albums good enough for the coffee table
  • *  Frame and hang them on the walls
  • *  Frame them in little frames around the house see How to Make Any Photo Fit Any Size Little Frame at the end of this post
  • *  Print them on a shower curtain! (I saw that somewhere in a magazine!)

Wall Arrangements

It can be hard to arrange your photos on a wall. I struggled with this over the years and finally learned a few things in the process.

Here is an example of a wall gallery going up stairs, which happens top be a nice place to display your family memories.


Go ahead and fill up a small space with photos, a space too small for furniture will work! Or fill a small space in a very small powder room!

img_7774   img_7779  

This gallery has mixed shapes, sizes and colors!


A few things to keep in mind

  • * Anchor the arrangement with large frames and then fill in with smaller ones
  • * You can keep the frame color similar but it is not necessary
  • * It is OK to mix black and white and color images
  • * Add an occasional mirror or ‘art’ to mix it up
  • * Try mixing in a round or oval frame to add interest
  • * Hanging frames above and below eye level in a grouping
  • * Switch out your photos periodically to update them
  • My good friend Deanna is so talented and has such a knack for decorating!

    Here are her family photos going up her stairs:

    DSC_0001 (1)

Other galleries in her house: This is a great solution for the ‘big’ wall in the den. She actually has nice wall sconces on either side of this gallery adding light.



I love how she mixes the shapes and sizes…that really makes this wall arrangement work.

Table Frames

I like using little frames instead of the larger ones because I can have room for more! These are little 2-4 inch size frames. How do I get the photos to fit in those little frames? I use my wonderful StoryBook Creator software to create a custom project; it is so fast and easy and works great… (see more instructions below).



Book Cases

I love the way these photo frames are hung in the bookcase! A decorator friend of mine put them there and it really works.


I also like the way she put this frame on a stack of books and used the photos to accessorize the bookcase.



Little Frame Photos

How To Make Any Photo Fit Any Size Little Frame

Have you ever tried to get a photo to fit in a small store bought table frame? Some are 4 x 6 and are easy but I love the little frames and they can be hard to make a photo fit.

This is how I easily do it:

  1. Open a new project in StoryBook Creator and choose a blank 4 x 6 print size
  2. Import your images to the image gallery
  3. Create photo boxes the exact size of your frames on your custom 4 x 6 page
  4. Drag your photos in
  5. Save and print
  6. Cut the photo out when you get it and pop photos in the frames!

I fit 3 little photos on this 4 x 6 size custom project: one each of 2 x 2, 3 x 3 and 1 x 1 inch


The whole photo fits in the frame, just a perfect small size!

This works great for small key rings, Christmas ornament frames, and lockets etc…


Camera Mom Tip: Put your precious photos out on display to enjoy! A home full of family photos is so warm and special – – my children feel very loved  having their family photos out and they love their photo books too. I always keep a family photo by their beds so it is the last thing they see when they go to sleep. I think it helps their sense of belonging and offers a special ‘I love you’ if they have had a bad day.  Don’t worry about having to many photos around…it is YOUR house and YOUR family..what else could matter!

Enjoy the works of photo art that you are creating for your family!

Where to buy:

Large Frames: Kirkland’s (nice matting and  inexpensive) 

Small Frames: Hobby Lobby

Photo Books: Creative Memories StoryBook Creator go to 

Shower Curtain: Google photo shower curtain! Curious about doing one!

I Love Melissa’s Room

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

She is 13.

I love the fact that her room reminds me of her personality. Happy and whimsical, bold and determined.  With three boys in the house it is necessary to have a girlie room for the only girl :)  I love pink and I am so glad she does too….


This is the other side of her room…the side that says that she works 20+ hours a week in the gym and loves every minute of it. I love her determination.


finally I love that she is still my little girl, the evidence is tucked away in a corner of her room but I know it is still there…

….she does too.


Have a great time capturing your heart with your camera !  : o )

Hidden Photo Treasures

Monday, January 10th, 2011

What is a photo treasure? It is a photo that you find within an older photo that you didn’t know you had!

Andrew bw Evan wtih Donna Cropped and sepia

I love these pictures. You may not think they are that great, but to me, the mom, I see my sweet babies.  I have them included in a  small arrangement of frames around my house and keep some at my bedside. When the boys were babies I was still using film and I unfortunately did not know much about what I was doing with my camera.  As I get more experience with my photography I am sad that I don’t have the shots of my babies that I know I would get today.  I have very few close up shots and so many of my shots were out of focus. So what is a camera mom to do? Go on a treasure hunt of course!

Look through your old photos with a new eye. Look for the photo within the photo and see what you can find.  You want to look for clear sharp images and believe it or not the ones from a basic point and shoot camera work well. Once you find some good candidates then scan them into your editing software. The next step is to crop it close. Crop it, change it to sepia or black and white lighten it up a good bit and see what you come up with.

You won’t believe where I found my treasures.

the photos on the left were cropped out of the photos on the right.

Andrew bw 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 001

Evan wtih Donna Cropped and sepia 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 002

Sometime it doesn’t work if the resolution is not good; but if you have a good scanner you will get pretty good results.

Here is another treasure:

009_16 cr desp 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 003

Go on a photo treasure hunt! Have fun, crop in close and do a little editing. You will be SO excited over what you discover… these may just become your favorite photos! Let me know what treasures you find on your hunt!!

Creating JPEGS out of Art!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

 image 2011-1-5 0010           image 2010-5-19 0021          image 2010-3-22 0001 

There is something about children’s art that I just   love! It is as whimsical, original and as precious as the little guys who made it.  Their art illustrates their little lives in such a creative way.

It is fun to make cards and other useful things out of it. I know it doesn’t have much to do with your camera, but you can turn your child’s art into digital images and share them with family and friends just like you share your photos! All you need is a scanner and a computer and you are ready to go!  I always suggest doing this instead of trying to take pictures of their art to put in your albums, it works much better to convert them to  jpegs.

I have a HP Photo scanner, and I scan most anything directly into my (Memory Manager) photo manager program. Once they are scanned, I save them as jpegs and I can share them the way I share all my photos. It is so easy to do. Once it is a jpeg file I can edit if needed, making the drawing darker or making the color pop a little more.

Here are the pictures that Andrew made for his and Evan’s 6th birthday invitation:

image 2010-6-16 0004image 2010-6-16 0003 image 2010-6-16 0002 image 2010-6-16 0001

I scanned them (the jpeg images) and used my StoryBook Creator Plus Software to make this card:

image 2010-6-21 0001

I did the same with my daughter’s Mother Daughter Christmas Tea and Fashion Show.  I used the art that the designer made especially for the event. I scanned it, and printed it on velum paper and had wonderful invitations for this very special tradition that we do with our daughters every year. I was also able to print fold over note cards using the art and we instantly had our party favor gifts for the girls.

image 2010-11-6 0009    Agape Girls Fashion Note - Page 001


Andrew just drew these below.  I scanned them and now can put them in  my digital family year book and share them with all my family just through an email- – I never would have been able to put them in even a regular scrapbook as the originals are quite large.

image 2010-11-6 0006image 2010-11-6 0007 image 2010-11-6 0008

So my photography hobby goes a little past my camera. Look though your kids art and see what you can find; you will love all the things you can do with your ‘art’ jpegs!


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