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Avoid This Big Mistake

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

One big mistake that camera moms make when it comes to taking those ‘quick get the shot’ photos in every day life is that they don’t pay attention to the available light.

You know the moments that I am taking about: a moment arises – – someone says ‘who has a camera?’ and 6 people pull out their phones!

This moment happened to me yesterday and I was so glad that I had my iPhone! We were at a wonderful violin exhibit with our violin teacher and met the man who refurbished all the beautiful violins in the exhibit. Our teacher was so excited to get her photo with this very famous man (to be honest I had no idea who he was!) but she was thrilled to meet him unexpectedly.  So 6 moms got their phones out and everyone basically got this same photo: (I took this one so I could show you this good bad example!)


I saw what was happening…. and decided to be bold and ask the three people to turn around and face the light. They did not have to move much just simply do a half turn and face the exact opposite direction. I realized that with the bright window light behind them the photo would be a failure. I also knew that our teacher really wanted a photo with this famous man and I didn’t want to let her down. Sometime to be a good photographer you have to be bold and unpopular for a moment. They did not want to move; people never do. I waited for everyone to finish (taking their bad photos) and kindly asked the 3 subjects turn around. I was smiling and begging .. please, please, please… : ) They finally did and I got this one  shot but it was much better:


Understand that NOTHING changed on my iPhone. I simply asked them to turn around and face the light! That was it.

I am so glad that I took the extra effort to get this for our teacher she is so happy to have it.

Remember that photography is all about light. Study it, use it and make it your friend. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Sometime people and circumstances won’t cooperate but when they do it is always worth the extra effort!

hint: if there is no way to turn the subject toward the light then…I hate to even say this… you will want to turn on your flash. Your camera may not want to turn on the flash automatically because it will ‘see’ tons of light and think that you don’t need anymore. However if the light is behind the people it won’t matter and their faces will be dark and you will have to turn on the flash. But only use the flash as a last resort! Always ask them to move first and face the light! Especially in a setting like this where there is plenty of beautiful available light!

Hold The Phone!!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Gone are the days of 2 megapixel cell phone cameras! Thank goodness!

We love our cell phones! My new IPhone has a 8 megapixel camera! What? Is that possible? It is better than my pocket camera that I used to keep for emergencies when I didn’t have time or room to carry my big camera!

The only issue is that you have to remember to download your phone photos to your computer in time to get them in the digital scrapbook.  (I just email mine over). I recommend setting a day on your calendar every month to remind you to do this simple task (or if you have an IPhone 4 you can ask Siri to remind you!)

Here are a few pix from this past few weeks and a few reasons why I love my handy dandy phone camera! These are all straight off my phone … no editing done.

1. I can catch the quick ‘hard to get moments’ that are gone by the time I go get my big camera out:

  phone 8phoen 10

2. I love the color quality!


3. I can get the first day of Spring Ball  – – Chances are you will have your phone and not your big camera  in your pocket when you are out and about running kids around. (looks like there is some ‘adjusting’ going on here!)

phone 3

phone 1  phone 2

4. It work great in low light..remember to keep the flash off; you can see the difference here with and without the flash:

phone 4  phone 12

More lowlight shots. Even though there is graininess, I still like the ‘no flash’ photos better than with the flash. these were taken in the dark with just the light of the TV. I am amazed at the ability of the phone camera to adjust to the low light settings.

phone 6 phone 5

5. Out for hamburgers ..

phone 19

6. Passing cool things in the car when you are out of town in a big city at night!

phoen 18phone 17  phone 14 phone 15 phone 16

I was very amazed at the quality and the ease of use!! I love my phone camera and while I won’t replace my big camera, I am so glad that I got these shots.

Go experiment with your phone and learn how to use the camera now so you will be ready when that priceless moment comes up …and you are on the phone!!


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