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Photograph Your Favorite things While on Vacation.

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


How do you photograph an amazing trip?

You photograph your favorite things.



Our trip to Boston this weekend for the National Gym Competition went way beyond my expectations. When you have four children it is hard to find time alone with each child, we had a blast with Melissa. I like this shot above because this is one thing I remember about this 13 year old year. … skinny jeans and those purple shoes; I don’t ever what to forget it!

This weekend won’t be easily forgotten.

There is no way that I can share all of the wonderful memories/photos  we had but I can share a few of my favorite shots…and hopefully inspire you to click away when  you are on vacation. Even when it may be a bit inconvenient, it is worth it to have the photos when you come home.

This shot of Melissa is not perfect but it is perfectly her. The wind was blowing her hair everywhere but I just love the look on her face….so un-posed with her  natural ‘sometimes hard to get’ sweet smile! These natural looks can be few and far between with teens;  you will treasure the ones you get.


She was really having fun and that is the teen photo tip for this next photo…start clicking when they are having fun don’t wait for them to stop or ask them to look at you just pay attention  to what they are doing and it will work. She ran up to this pavilion and just started dancing, I started clicking. If I had asked her to dance it never would have worked.


I will go ahead and admit that I have some sort of fence obsession! Every time I saw one I was captured (I also really love fences in snow!). I could not get enough of the rod iron ….it was everywhere.


The details were amazing.


The ‘inside jokes’ when we are together are always a must for our family vacation photos – -  “Why?” might you ask, and how did I end up with about 15 photos of all the different Dunkin Donuts we saw in Boston? It was a ‘you had to be there’ story that I will put in my scrapbook that made us laugh over and over; so glad I have the photos to remember it!


There is no way I can show all the wonderful shots here of the beautiful historical buildings … but I took plenty! I like this one through the trees; always try different angles of your favorite shots.


We stayed in the wonderful town of Hingham, MA (pronounced Hing -M) with some of our best friends who recently moved there. It was as quaint as the sign on main street and as full of character as a Norman Rockwell painting.


Do you know what famous retail store calls Hingham, MA it’s home?


The original Talbots – -  red door and all!


The charm was everywhere.


I re-discovered that the best time to get great photos was early in the morning. My friend and I went to get coffee and some great photos early one morning leaving everyone at home sleeping.  Nothing beats that wonderful morning light for a soft romantic feel. Remember that tip when photographing people too. The houses were simply beautiful…I took tons of these shots as each house had its own unique personality and I had to have them all!


Downtown Boston was full of history and one photo op after another. Here are the Teammates at Fenway Park. My twins love this shot!


The famous Cheers bar (just the outside.)


(don’t be afraid to do a horizontal crop, it will change the feel of the photo)

Beautiful historic graveyards.


And more fences!


But my favorite shots were the churches, I took way too many to post but they were begging me to capture them….so I did.


It was so hard for me to write this post and narrow down all the stuff I want to share! I tried to make a Trip Tip List below but I will continue to add to it as we head into the summer vacation season! I am also working on a tip list for gymnastics and baseball so stay tuned!

A few Photo Mom Tips for vacation shots: 

  • Take more photos than  you think you will want but don’t put them all in your book : )
  • Make a list of what you want to get and get it early in the trip if possible; don’t ‘wait’ till you see it again to take the shot, you may not see it again.
  • Get scenery shots but don’t forget to put  your family in some of them.
  • Early morning light makes for wonderful flattering photos.
  • Shoot the funny things that happen that are unique to your family.
  • Since many vacations include scenery shots, crop horizontally to be bold be different.
  • Pick a theme for some shots  i.e. doors, windows, churches, fences! etc.…
  • Bring plenty of memory cards and charge  your battery every night.
  • Bring a back up pocket camera.
  • Hand your kids a camera.
  • Tell the story by taking ‘sign’ photos.

I will leave you with one final shot. What we did on the airplane! I also learned how to play Angry Birds! Whoo Hoo for this mama!


Checkers Anyone?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Dinner is on the stove, the aromas are filling the house,  little stomachs are hungry and mom announces that there will be no more snacks before dinner! A distraction is needed and quick…. then a little voice saves the day and says “who wants to play checkers?”


They scramble to the table….


… to figure out how to beat their big sister who knows ‘everything about everything’ according to the little guys who are half her age.


Hunger pain pre-dinner-meltdown disaster is averted.

As I grab the dishes to set the table;  I  quietly grab my camera.   Most of my photo ops are totally unplanned.

But I have to be quick.

And sometime I miss the shot.

But I always miss it if I don’t try.


These everyday not-fighting-actually-getting-along-sibling moments warm my heart…..because they are so rare!  I’m so glad I have them tucked away.

Grab them while you can your kids will grow up and be gone before you know it and you will need your photos to remind you of the sweet times : )

Tip: camera was set at 1/125, 2.8, ISO 1250. but other settings would have worked. My camera has a high  ISO setting which makes it easier to take shots indoors. The low f stop number give it the blurry background and it is fun to play with that. Remember that you need to keep the shutter speed over 100 if they are still and over 200 if they are moving to keep your photos sharp.

I Love 70 Degree Days in February!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

We HAD to go outside yesterday.

It seemed strange to take off our jackets in the middle of winter, like we were skipping school or eating the icing off the top of the cupcake instead of the cake.

We did it anyway.

The boys went out ahead of me while I finished the lunch dishes. I followed behind  them with a last second decision to grab the camera ‘just in case’…  (Believe it or not I don’t wear it around my neck!)

I walked out and found them on the bench together with their crayons. Evan was holding the picture while Andrew was drawing it….in his new drawing journal his big sister gave him for Christmas.  It was a sweet rare moment to see them being still. (If you are a mom of girls you may not know what I’m talking about!)

Nothing says ‘childhood’ to me quite like a good ‘rip in the knees of your pant’s….how about both knees ?  : )


and crayons and dirty fingers….


and long eyelashes……on boys…..


and of course sneakers with worn toes from kicking invisible footballs on the driveway

and feet that don’t touch the ground….



Valentine candy


and did I say dirty fingers?


…and  Indiana Jones…

with his homemade whip (fire hoses from the fire truck?)


and Indiana Jones with a permanent dirty face

and his  red motorcycle (with the big wheels)


But my favorite pick of the afternoon was the untouched, unedited straight out of the camera final picture that I almost missed….

I decided to leave the puppy dog tail in the shot….now we just need to find the snake and the snail …

I’m sure we will.


The fleeting un-staged signs of childhood, they are right in front of you every day you just have to see them.

Have fun finding them at your house!

I kept my ISO on 160, my f stop around 3.5 and changed my shutter speed depending on the light for each shot, sun or shade.

I Love the Simple Story-Telling Shots

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Don’t overlook the little things that make up life. When I think about the things I love about Adam this photo describes one of them.  He is good with the little boys (most of the time!) but it can be a challenge to capture this quality. Look for creative ways to do do this. I have found that zooming in on what is happening is a good way to bring the story to life. No need for faces in this shot, If I had both faces the story may have been a little too complicated.

I love this simple story.


1/125, F stop 2.8, ISO 160

Hidden Photo Treasures

Monday, January 10th, 2011

What is a photo treasure? It is a photo that you find within an older photo that you didn’t know you had!

Andrew bw Evan wtih Donna Cropped and sepia

I love these pictures. You may not think they are that great, but to me, the mom, I see my sweet babies.  I have them included in a  small arrangement of frames around my house and keep some at my bedside. When the boys were babies I was still using film and I unfortunately did not know much about what I was doing with my camera.  As I get more experience with my photography I am sad that I don’t have the shots of my babies that I know I would get today.  I have very few close up shots and so many of my shots were out of focus. So what is a camera mom to do? Go on a treasure hunt of course!

Look through your old photos with a new eye. Look for the photo within the photo and see what you can find.  You want to look for clear sharp images and believe it or not the ones from a basic point and shoot camera work well. Once you find some good candidates then scan them into your editing software. The next step is to crop it close. Crop it, change it to sepia or black and white lighten it up a good bit and see what you come up with.

You won’t believe where I found my treasures.

the photos on the left were cropped out of the photos on the right.

Andrew bw 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 001

Evan wtih Donna Cropped and sepia 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 002

Sometime it doesn’t work if the resolution is not good; but if you have a good scanner you will get pretty good results.

Here is another treasure:

009_16 cr desp 4 x 6 landscape blank pages - Page 003

Go on a photo treasure hunt! Have fun, crop in close and do a little editing. You will be SO excited over what you discover… these may just become your favorite photos! Let me know what treasures you find on your hunt!!


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