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Don’t Throw That Photo Out!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

It happens.

You get the exposure wrong and you miss a good shot…. or did you really miss it?

It won’t be possible all the time but at times you can save an over or underexposed shot.

This is a good example of really bright sun and a too high  ISO. The background is completely washed out and so is Evan.



I tried to save it and found that changing it to black and white did the trick.


That is all I did ….a simple change that allowed me to save the shot! The green grass and the red dirt behind Evan is gone because the shot is over-exposed but the  B&W change makes it look like that white background was done on purpose. 

Don’t give up on your mistakes…sometime they can be fixed. Thank goodness for our digital cameras and our editing software! they are our friends for sure!

mom photo tip: When you have your camera set to manual, you must  pay attention  when you move from a darker place like the dugout (in this example) to the bright full sun.  Sometime I don’t remember to change the settings and this is what happens. In this case I could save it  but many times I can’t…but I always try!

It is OK to Tell Your Family Secrets!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Most moms have a secret. 


they may be cute secrets….

image 6-9-2009e

but it tortures them every time they think about it.

image 2010-5-19 0020

Hidden photos.

mom0002 mom0008

We all have them. Old deckle-edge photos and photos from our more recent past. Under the bed, in shoeboxes, in old crumbled drug store envelopes, in the guest room, at your parent’s house or safety deposit box. They may be hidden but we know they are still there…and worse of all YOU know they are there.  Our family history lurking in the corners of our clutter…just reminding us of unfinished projects and good intentions. Perhaps causing more stress in our already stressful lives.

The saddest thing is to inherit a box of old photos that you know include life long memories of your family and you have no idea who the people are. Hence the guilt. The guilt of not doing anything with them while you are still coherent enough to know who the people are.


I say gather these wonderful treasures and enjoy them! Face the project head on and don’t let the guilt slow you down! Scan them and put them in a digital book to keep on the coffee table so all can enjoy. Better yet, make a book for your family and make multiple copies for all.

image 2010-4-2 0006 1

Maybe you will uncover trays of slides or other strange photographic archives. I found a wonderful box of news clippings!  I say transfer them all to digital treasures that you can edit if needed (no need to pay a lot of money for editing these days, do it yourself) and put them in a book. Do you have to do all of them? NO! Just get a good sampling of your favorites and get it done. If you don’t have time to scan them yourself take them to Costco or Target they will do it for you and hand you a DVD loaded with your treasures..

Do you need to ask for the box of old photos from your aunt or grandmother? Do it! Promise that you will get them back to her in a  few days…but get them and scan them and make books for all to enjoy.

After all that is why they were taken in the first hope that someday down the road future generations would know the history of all that was good in life at the time.  I can promise you that your grandparents did not take photos so they would be stowed away under a dusty bed one day’; you didn’t either.

Please let me know if you have questions about the process;  you will be so glad that you let this family secret out of the bag or box!

Tip: I have a rather large HP flat bed photo scanner (very inexpensive). It works great. It says that it is a photo scanner so that makes me feel better…not sure how a regular document scanner would do. Mine will scan slides too thank goodness. If you have any recommendations, post them on our FB page. Memory Manager photo organization software is perfect for the job of getting them scanned/fixed and organized.

From my 8×8 Heritage Album:

Mom Hopkins Book - Page 047  Mom Hopkins Book - Page 054 Mom Hopkins Book - Page 060 Mom Hopkins Book - Page 032

I use StoryBook Creator Plus software this was the predesigned Vintage Blues template. I love that I can make one book and then make multiple copies for my whole extended family that way ‘everyone’ can enjoy our heritage photographs!


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