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Color Everywhere This Weekend!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011


We have been in New Orleans the past few days for our daughter’s Regional Gymnastics Meet and it was hard to keep my camera in the bag!

The hotel stays are so fun especially when there is a new pool to investigate. This one was especially pretty at is it was on the 9th floor with a beautiful view! The sunset over the pool was awesome!


These next two shots are good examples of how to look for the light and get it in the right place.  This shot ‘looked’ fine from where I was standing but obviously the camera didn’t see it exactly the way I saw it and their faces were too dark:


The simple solution was to have them turn so I could see the light on their faces and in their eyes… keeping the camera settings the same, just a simple change of position gave me a better exposure:


Sometime you have to ‘stop in the name of love’ for the TPA (Teen Photo Attempt)!


Then other times they are happy to have you get the shot!


The meet was great with Melissa placing once again in the top 10.  All her events went well.


But the most exciting was her beam…her last event that secured her place.


This shot below tells a huge story of my very serious gymnast as she was a bit excited about the outcome of her routine:


Her coach was just as excited as she was:


We headed out to celebrate..


….and like I said … there was color everywhere!!




How about a little cactus with your salad?


There was shopping….shopping ….shopping….



But the jewelry store was the girls favorite place…why does that ‘jewelry thing’ start so early ?!


As night fell I tried to get the ‘dusk’ shots. Remember to get the ISO high and the F stop low so you can keep the shutter open a bit longer to get the ‘lights’ to show up..I was trying to get the lights on the bridge.


This shot was taken when it was dusk but my camera settings helped keep it light.


It was really dark (notice the grain) but I just had to get these beautiful horses as they quietly walked up behind me!


The magic man really fooled us all!


The food was wonderful but hands down, my favorite was the dessert!


It was a good thing that I had my camera as I would have never remembered all the things we saw and did without it. These weekends are exhausting but great fun and full of wonderful stories that I can’t wait to add to my family album.  My photos aren’t perfect and I still have a lot to learn, but I  can’t learn unless I practice a lot…you can’t either : )

Keep taking pictures of your family and their stories…  you will be so happy you have those storytelling shots to help you remember the good stuff that is in your life!

Camera Mom Tip: The day will end quicker than you realize  so be ready to adjust  your settings for the shots in the dark. Keep your ISO high and your shutter speed slow to get the shots without the harsh light of the flash. 

Don’t Throw That Photo Out!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

It happens.

You get the exposure wrong and you miss a good shot…. or did you really miss it?

It won’t be possible all the time but at times you can save an over or underexposed shot.

This is a good example of really bright sun and a too high  ISO. The background is completely washed out and so is Evan.



I tried to save it and found that changing it to black and white did the trick.


That is all I did ….a simple change that allowed me to save the shot! The green grass and the red dirt behind Evan is gone because the shot is over-exposed but the  B&W change makes it look like that white background was done on purpose. 

Don’t give up on your mistakes…sometime they can be fixed. Thank goodness for our digital cameras and our editing software! they are our friends for sure!

mom photo tip: When you have your camera set to manual, you must  pay attention  when you move from a darker place like the dugout (in this example) to the bright full sun.  Sometime I don’t remember to change the settings and this is what happens. In this case I could save it  but many times I can’t…but I always try!

Your ISO Is Your Friend At Christmas

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Learn how to make your ISO work for you this ‘low light’ holiday season… these indoor shots would be harder with a low ISO. Even though it is a tad bit grainy, it is not a bad trade off.  Remember to practice and get your settings figured out before the ‘moment’ happens… The fast shutter speed was made possible by the high ISO which allowed these ‘low light’ shots to be in focus.


both pictures ss 1/200, F stop 2.8, ISO 3200

If your ISO only goes to 1600 or your F stop doesn’t go to 2.8: get the ISO as high as you can and the f stop as low as you can and play with the shutter speed.  Try to get it in focus. It is OK if it is a tad dark, you can lighten it up a bit post editing. but you can’t get the focus post edit.  Don’t forget that you can shoot Christmas lights during the day too so the overall light will be better.

Also, the best ‘bang-for-your-buck- great-for-a- mom lens is  the 50mm fixed 1.4 or 1.8.  Put it on your list for Santa, you will be able to get wonderful shots of your kids! It is a very inexpensive way to get hold of that wonderful low f stop setting!



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