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Evan and his violin.

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010
My 5 year old son Evan loves his violin he has been taking lesson for 2 years but it can be a challenge to get a ‘non-cheesy’ shot. I set him up in our breakfast area so I could use the window light. When he plays he is always in a dark stage/church setting and I have very few photos of his love for the violin. Some understanding of shutter speed helped with this photo. I knew I wanted it to be slow enough to capture the movement of the bow but fast enough for the rest of the photo to be in focus. I also wanted to get him concentrating, I am so glad I didn’t ask him to look at me for this photo.

Tip: Another thing I learned is that sometime it is good to capture your kids ‘activities’ when they are not at the normal venue of the activity i.e. the school stage, the gym, the field. It is much less stressful and you can have better control over the light, the mood and …the outcome. ….and the background really doesn’t always need to matter.

F 2.8, 1/320, ISO 2500

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