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Post Editing Tips

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Photo editing is what makes digital photography so much fun for folks who are learning the art of photography.

Digital technology has been a gift to us moms: we are able to take many more shots while we practice, we can see what we have right away and adjust settings if needed and we can fix our mistakes!  While my goal as a busy mom is to get a good exposure right out of the camera we all know that it isn’t always possible.  I will review a few tips that I use when editing my photos.  I will not cover all the technical details of editing using Photoshop but rather will just speak to the basics of post editing that can be done with most editing software. I use Memory Manager. I also know that some of you may be spending hours post editing. I can’t. I have a very busy household to run and have to use the 80/20 rule on these type of projects. These tips will successfully edit 80% of your photos very nicely!

1. Most every photo could stand to be brightened up a bit.  Use the midtones tool to increase the ‘light’ in your photo. You will find that this one step alone will help your photos tremendously.

2. Increase the contrast. This function is generally found where you find the midtones tool. I always do this after I get the brightness where I want it.

3. Warm it up. Many photos have a bluish tent that you may not even notice. The white balance can be tricky to determine and the auto white balance function is not always right on. Remember that people especially like to be warm! So adjust the ‘temperature’ and you will be amazed at what happens, especially to the skin tones.

4. Make it sharp. I don’t always do this but sometime it helps to make the photo a little sharper. You can’t fix a blurry exposure but the sharpen tool will help the ones that are slightly out of focus.

5. Crop it. This can make a good photo great. Try different crops, it will take a little practice but it will make a big difference in the final product!

There are many many more tweaks you can do to your photos. You can turn it to black and white and clean it up by cloning out unwanted background. You can spend hours erasing blemishes.  There are volumes written on the subject. But I have found that these 5 tips help me save tons of time and I hope they will help you too.

Here are a few examples of before and after shots:


after adjusting the contrast, warming up and cropping:



after warming it up a bit


this transformation below was done using the midtones tool. I maxed it out and then saved the image then adjusted the midtones again……crazy!!!

img_8721  img_8721edited

You can see that just a slight change in these settings can make a huge difference in  your family treasures! Who knows what is hiding under those photos on your computer! 

Stop! Don’t Throw That Photo Out!!!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

This week I will be focusing on the joy of post editing. But before I get into too many details, today I will begin by sharing one of my most dramatic changes in a photo that almost got deleted because I thought it couldn’t be saved.

When I was out shooting at a ball game recently I forgot to change the setting on my camera when I went from the bright light on the field to the low light in the dugout. I was so disappointed as the mom of this cute kid really wanted this picture of him in the catcher uniform.  I only had one split second to get the shot before he ran out on the field and I blew it….I blew it really bad!   I changed the setting right after I realized what I had done but was not able to get a re-take as generally is the case when you are getting candid shots.  Boy was I mad at myself and I just didn’t have the heart to tell the mom that I missed such an easy shot. This is what I got 🙁


When I got home I was about to delete it all together… but then I decided to try to adjust it some in post editing instead of throwing it out.  I could tell that he had a cute expression on his face and I had to try something.

I was SO amazed at what happened. I was also completely shocked. I had never ‘saved’ such a poor exposure before.

Just by doing a few quick edits I was able to get this! Can you believe it??? It went from worse to first in less than a minute!


His mom never knew and she sent this photo to all her family as her favorite! I use Memory Manager editing software. It is so easy to use. I will be sharing what I did with this photo and other tips for quick easy editing this week that you can use with any software so stay tuned! If this is the only series of posts you read on this site it will be worth it! You will be so happy to save some of those photos that you thought were….big mistakes!


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