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Baby on the way!

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

The miracle of life is never ‘old news’ and in my opinion, you can never start taking pictures too early!


This sweet mom has three little ducks… following her everywhere:


Pretty soon there will be a fourth little blessing to add to this shot!


Here are a  few mom tips for these type of group shots:

1. What to wear?

This is a hard thing to figure out especially when you have more than 2 in the shot. It can be stressful enough to get everyone in the car for the drive over to get the shot – so worrying about what to wear needs to be figured out well before hand. Pack a few things  – options are good.

First clothes tip: leave the white shirts at home. Faces will look better against the darker backgrounds. the dark brown and blue is a good choice.

Second: mixing the plaid on the little guy works well to break it up. A small plaid on the smallest person is good.

Third: long sleeve shirts keep you focused on the faces which is your goal. Eight bear arms would have been very distracting in this group shot.


2. Think in triangles. Can you see some of the triangles that the faces are making in this photo above? Not every face is on the same straight line across.

3. This composition below isn’t ‘triangles’ but it works as it shows ‘order’.


4. Find the shots within the shots when you can get the emotion of the moment even if it doesn’t include all the subjects



5. Tell the story. this shot is a storytelling shot for sure!


6. Show the relationships. I took the shirt off the little guy for a bit – -I love baby skin to show.


7. Show perspective. All the little hands show age and size. Our kids hands are such a wonderful memory for us moms.


8. the silhouette shots are so fun and so easy to do and I love the ‘uncluttered’ story they tell.


9. Generally I don’t like props but  — I love this bear with her belly.


10. Another relationship shot that says so much about this little guy and how much he loves his momma.



11.  Get faces close together. It may be a bit awkward but ask for it.


And ask them to get even closer.


The biggest tip is to take time to get the photos of the most precious moments in your life. You will be so happy you took the time!!


Shots were taken at around 3:30 in the afternoon against dark green evergreen trees and the subjects facing the open sky – you can see the lights in their eyes.

ISO 320  F stop 4.00 and the shutter speed  varied between 1/320 – 1/1000 depending on the sun going in and out of the clouds!


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