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Make It A Back To School Tradition!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


The new shoes are really  looking ‘new’, the banged up legs let us know that summer has been thoroughly enjoyed,  and the weather has turned and is telling us that as hard as it is to believe, school is starting!

For some reason I started taking pictures of my son and daughter on the front steps of our home the first day of school starting with first grade. I just had a thought in the back of my mind somewhere that I may need these photos for something down the road. I was SO happy to have them! When we were planning a graduation party for my oldest I was able to put this invitation together  – – and boy was it a fun ‘walk’ down memory lane!

adam invite - page 002

So, you bet that I am getting the boys on those same steps!

It is easy to do … and who cares if I am out in my front yard in my  pjs for all the neighbors to see!

img_7447 img_7451


I am so glad that I started this tradition with my kids and you will be too. If you miss the first day…no one will really know…just get it as close to possible to the beginning of school : )

I also get some of the classroom stuff on drop in day the day before.



I really like, the angles when trying to get a close up of the subject AND his art; you can fit more in the frame when you turn the camera.


But the ‘first day of school’ grin is priceless to this camera mom…


…who knows that once they hit first grade the time will fly by and in a blink of an eye my little boys will be walking down that isle at their senior graduation.


So for now, I  will fight back the tears as I leave them and savor every little morsel… of the new shoes, the new teachers, the new friends and  their first day of school and their fun journey ahead!

The King Had A Party!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Every year at our school it happens in kindergarten…..the Kings and Princesses show up to the Medieval Fair!

I am that mom who just can’t leave the camera at home when I head out the door to go to a school event! Sometime I think it would be nice just sit back and take it all in and not worry about photos at school but …if I don’t take them I won’t remember what happened and that would be a worse fate!  I used to be a bit shy about lugging my camera everywhere…but I am over it!  This year I got individual mother/child photos as they walked in and I also captured other fun details of  the day.


Who could resist this classic shot! I moved my boys over to the window to try to get some window light on their faces; classrooms are not always the easiest place to take photos..


The ‘friend’ shots become treasures…


And close –ups are a must showing the ‘crown hair’…


The even ‘closer up’ is fun too with the blurry background and fun colors…capturing the dreamy mood of the day…


But the group shot is a favorite with all the precious 6 year old faces and the background that fills in  the story of the theme for the day! (Take a few extra seconds to pay attention to the background when getting the group shot.)


The mom portrait shot was a shot that I couldn’t miss. While you are in the classroom  look for the wonderful creative clues that define your child’s school world… you don’t need a party to do this. Just take your camera to school one day and get a few shots.

Sure wish I had some photos of my kindergarten classroom don’t you?


And finally, the walk to the car I don’t know what I like best about this shot, Evan walking with his dad or dad carrying my purse!


All really fun stuff…but you have to be quick and I mean quick. There is no time to ponder what you want to get when you are at school event, you just have to start shooting and looking and shooting some more and hoping for the best.

mom photo tip: Ask for the Shot. Don’t be afraid to ask for the kids to group together and look at you. I have a hard time asking for the shot because I usually like all spontaneous candid shots. However, it is OK to ask for a few. Even though they are a bit cliché you will love them.



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