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Put Your Photos To Work For You!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa

Everyone knows that appreciation and recognition is so important – – and photos are the perfect way to make someone feel appreciated! We all love to see photos of our life! Admit it  – – photos make you feel loved and special! So be sure to put your photos to work for you in the areas of your life where you can use them to recognize your loved ones and their friends and their accomplishments!

Here are a series of posters that I have put together for our gym girls. I used StoryBook Creator software to make my job easy! These are printed 20 x 30 and we hang them at the gym after each meet, they provide tons of recognition for the girls – -and you can  bet they feel appreciated!

Southeastern Poster 2-2012 - Page 011

Southeastern Poster 2012 - Page 014

Southeastern Poster 2-2012 - Page 016

Southeastern Poster 2-2012 - Page 017

Who can you appreciate with your photos today?


Be sure to print and enjoy  your photos. My favorite software is StoryBook Creator for these projects and many other digital books and projects that I do. Please contact your Creative Memories Consultant or me for more additional info!

It is OK to Tell Your Family Secrets!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Most moms have a secret. 


they may be cute secrets….

image 6-9-2009e

but it tortures them every time they think about it.

image 2010-5-19 0020

Hidden photos.

mom0002 mom0008

We all have them. Old deckle-edge photos and photos from our more recent past. Under the bed, in shoeboxes, in old crumbled drug store envelopes, in the guest room, at your parent’s house or safety deposit box. They may be hidden but we know they are still there…and worse of all YOU know they are there.  Our family history lurking in the corners of our clutter…just reminding us of unfinished projects and good intentions. Perhaps causing more stress in our already stressful lives.

The saddest thing is to inherit a box of old photos that you know include life long memories of your family and you have no idea who the people are. Hence the guilt. The guilt of not doing anything with them while you are still coherent enough to know who the people are.


I say gather these wonderful treasures and enjoy them! Face the project head on and don’t let the guilt slow you down! Scan them and put them in a digital book to keep on the coffee table so all can enjoy. Better yet, make a book for your family and make multiple copies for all.

image 2010-4-2 0006 1

Maybe you will uncover trays of slides or other strange photographic archives. I found a wonderful box of news clippings!  I say transfer them all to digital treasures that you can edit if needed (no need to pay a lot of money for editing these days, do it yourself) and put them in a book. Do you have to do all of them? NO! Just get a good sampling of your favorites and get it done. If you don’t have time to scan them yourself take them to Costco or Target they will do it for you and hand you a DVD loaded with your treasures..

Do you need to ask for the box of old photos from your aunt or grandmother? Do it! Promise that you will get them back to her in a  few days…but get them and scan them and make books for all to enjoy.

After all that is why they were taken in the first hope that someday down the road future generations would know the history of all that was good in life at the time.  I can promise you that your grandparents did not take photos so they would be stowed away under a dusty bed one day’; you didn’t either.

Please let me know if you have questions about the process;  you will be so glad that you let this family secret out of the bag or box!

Tip: I have a rather large HP flat bed photo scanner (very inexpensive). It works great. It says that it is a photo scanner so that makes me feel better…not sure how a regular document scanner would do. Mine will scan slides too thank goodness. If you have any recommendations, post them on our FB page. Memory Manager photo organization software is perfect for the job of getting them scanned/fixed and organized.

From my 8×8 Heritage Album:

Mom Hopkins Book - Page 047  Mom Hopkins Book - Page 054 Mom Hopkins Book - Page 060 Mom Hopkins Book - Page 032

I use StoryBook Creator Plus software this was the predesigned Vintage Blues template. I love that I can make one book and then make multiple copies for my whole extended family that way ‘everyone’ can enjoy our heritage photographs!

Digital Albums: What To Do With All Your Photos

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I’m back!! I have been on the road a bit with gymnastic meets and will get some tips up soon about gym shots but first I will  just say how much I enjoyed sharing the things I love with you for the month of February! My final thought on that subject is about my digital albums.  I Love my digital albums! They are Creative Memories Storybooks made with their outstanding StoryBook Creator software.

I can’t tell you the hours of enjoyment and ‘love’ we get from these books. The kids sit and look at them often and I know they feel so special and loved as they read all the stories of their life. You would be amazed at what you will forget about your family times together if you don’t have them documented!


I consider the work I put into these books to be one of the best investments I can make with my time. Sure beats the time I spend doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms! So even though I may have a dirty house…I have great books to tell the stories of all the fun things we do together as a family!


My passion is to inspire moms to take better storytelling photos of their families……but my passion is also to inspire them to put those great photos in a book to be enjoyed for generations so their stories are not lost forever.

Have fun making your books and please let me know if I can help!


ps my 19 year old son asked me recently if I would take pictures and make books for his kids one day….. that was about the sweetest thing he has ever said to me!  You bet he loves his books!

Creating JPEGS out of Art!

Friday, January 7th, 2011

 image 2011-1-5 0010           image 2010-5-19 0021          image 2010-3-22 0001 

There is something about children’s art that I just   love! It is as whimsical, original and as precious as the little guys who made it.  Their art illustrates their little lives in such a creative way.

It is fun to make cards and other useful things out of it. I know it doesn’t have much to do with your camera, but you can turn your child’s art into digital images and share them with family and friends just like you share your photos! All you need is a scanner and a computer and you are ready to go!  I always suggest doing this instead of trying to take pictures of their art to put in your albums, it works much better to convert them to  jpegs.

I have a HP Photo scanner, and I scan most anything directly into my (Memory Manager) photo manager program. Once they are scanned, I save them as jpegs and I can share them the way I share all my photos. It is so easy to do. Once it is a jpeg file I can edit if needed, making the drawing darker or making the color pop a little more.

Here are the pictures that Andrew made for his and Evan’s 6th birthday invitation:

image 2010-6-16 0004image 2010-6-16 0003 image 2010-6-16 0002 image 2010-6-16 0001

I scanned them (the jpeg images) and used my StoryBook Creator Plus Software to make this card:

image 2010-6-21 0001

I did the same with my daughter’s Mother Daughter Christmas Tea and Fashion Show.  I used the art that the designer made especially for the event. I scanned it, and printed it on velum paper and had wonderful invitations for this very special tradition that we do with our daughters every year. I was also able to print fold over note cards using the art and we instantly had our party favor gifts for the girls.

image 2010-11-6 0009    Agape Girls Fashion Note - Page 001


Andrew just drew these below.  I scanned them and now can put them in  my digital family year book and share them with all my family just through an email- – I never would have been able to put them in even a regular scrapbook as the originals are quite large.

image 2010-11-6 0006image 2010-11-6 0007 image 2010-11-6 0008

So my photography hobby goes a little past my camera. Look though your kids art and see what you can find; you will love all the things you can do with your ‘art’ jpegs!


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