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Baseball Stories

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I have a few more baby tips to post this month but I just had to get these fall baseball photos up! These are all shots from the past few weeks, they are generally not edited meaning they are straight out of my camera because I don’t have time to edit much. I use my Canon 70-200 2.8 lens for all sports…it is an ‘investment’ lens, but…I can’t think of anything I would rather invest in! I keep the ISO at 100 for day games, F-Stop 2.8 then I adjust the shutter speed keeping it really high for the action…1/500-1/1,200 if possible.

I think that the plays in baseball are so fun to capture… but the photo stories are what I love! Here are some reasons why I love baseball:

1. You don’t have to be really big to play this game.


2. It is good to get dirty. (check out the ball in mid air, the fast shutter keeps that ball clear.


3. What other sport can you get a shot like this! Note frozen action again with fast shutter.


4.  I like getting the real story on the ‘out/safe’ call…see what I mean? Still waiting for the  ump  to ask for my ‘photo’ help on these close calls.. he hasn’t asked for my opinion yet!


5. I like how little 8 year old boys make up a team.


…and have such a good time.


…and you can be on the same team with your brother…


6. I love that Evan can’t play without ‘eye-black’…


…even at night!


(I also love that baseball fields have really good lights at night so I can still get good shots!)

7. I love the baseball stuff… it’s just cool…the old leather, the balls the earthy colors….


8. I love that ‘Super Heroes show up at every game!


(you have to admit that he looks like a cousin of spider man  – – I am creating a new super hero character: Baseball Boy!)

9. I love that Andrew caught that foul tip on the third swing and got the batter out…(check his glove closely for the ball)…and I got the picture to go with his very exciting story  that he shared at the end of the game! …. (did I mention how excited he was?!)


10. Finally,I love the little moments that I get to be a part of….. from a distance.


These shots are all posted with little or no editing, just a little contrast adjustment on a few of them. It is important  to get comfortable with your camera so you can spend time getting the shots and not spend all your time post editing.

Mom tip for the day: look for the stories and click away. The plays are great and you don’t want to miss them but don’t forget to watch the boys through your lens off field to get the rest of the story.  Shooting sports is exciting because it is so unpredictable  – – but it can also be hard because it is so unpredictable. Practice as much as you can.  It will pay off!

Digital Albums: What To Do With All Your Photos

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I’m back!! I have been on the road a bit with gymnastic meets and will get some tips up soon about gym shots but first I will  just say how much I enjoyed sharing the things I love with you for the month of February! My final thought on that subject is about my digital albums.  I Love my digital albums! They are Creative Memories Storybooks made with their outstanding StoryBook Creator software.

I can’t tell you the hours of enjoyment and ‘love’ we get from these books. The kids sit and look at them often and I know they feel so special and loved as they read all the stories of their life. You would be amazed at what you will forget about your family times together if you don’t have them documented!


I consider the work I put into these books to be one of the best investments I can make with my time. Sure beats the time I spend doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms! So even though I may have a dirty house…I have great books to tell the stories of all the fun things we do together as a family!


My passion is to inspire moms to take better storytelling photos of their families……but my passion is also to inspire them to put those great photos in a book to be enjoyed for generations so their stories are not lost forever.

Have fun making your books and please let me know if I can help!


ps my 19 year old son asked me recently if I would take pictures and make books for his kids one day….. that was about the sweetest thing he has ever said to me!  You bet he loves his books!

I Love Babies and Showers!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I can’t think of too many things that are more fun than a baby shower, especially a pink girl shower! Welcoming the new little person into the world of friends and family is just about the best thing ever.


1/600, S.8, ISO 800

Be sure to get the details of the celebration. Cake pictures are so fun to take. You can move them to good light and play with your aperture (f stop). Don’t be afraid to try all different angels. Also, come early to get the cake shot….no one likes to wait for the photographer to do their thing while everyone is waiting to cut the cake! That is a good tip in general for any type of party shots. Arrive early and get the decorations and guest of honor before the crowd arrives and everything gets crazy.



1/64, f stop 2.8, ISO 800

The people are a must but don’t forget to take shots of the party decorations too.


Window light is best for balloons….pay attention to your backgrounds.


Don’t forget the guest of honor! Welcome sweet Natalie Grace!


1/500,  f stop 2.8, ISO 1600

and again in B&W



I Love Melissa’s Gymnastics Season

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

I love it, I really do. I didn’t grow up in a family with athletes and I never quite understood the traveling world of kids sports and how families kept up with it all …until we started traveling with Melissa each season for her gym meets.

I love that in the middle of our routine life of homework and housework, endless laundry and dishes and looking for that lost sneaker….

we get to pause.

We pause from all the daily chores that we think are so important to pack up the car, stay in a hotel,  eat out on someone else’s dishes and forget about the lost sneakers.  We enjoy an invaluable slice of life and we learn what is really important.  We get a glimpse into Melissa’s gym world….which is always a magical thing.


We learn what real determination is


and we learn about achieving new skills



and what ‘head over heals’ really looks like in person.


We learn that hard work pays off.


We make new friends and we get to know her friends


and the boys get to use ‘the force’ to support their sister on those high bars and beams.


And I always learn a lot about my photography:

how the background is so important in sports photography

and how to adjust my  ISO and white balance in very poor light.

I am so excited to share more with you about sports and kids and cameras soon.

But for today, I am so thankful for these family times and weekends away during our busy life where we get to define and celebrate….together.


Even though we must eventually return to the world of dirty dishes and lost sneakers ….  for a few days we get to be a part of  Melissa’s dreams and experience a gift that is really quite unbelievable…the gift of the perfect pause.

What gifts can you ‘open’ with your camera? They are right in front of you. Look for and love the opportunities to use your camera to celebrate and capture the fun meaningful magical stuff in your life.


I Love Kid Books

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Reading is a nightly ritual at our house. Chris has been reading to the twins since they were born! He is such a great Dad and I love him for it. He doesn’t miss a night even though they may doze off!


What fun it is to keep a ‘photo record’ of what your kids are reading these days. Notice the obsession with Star Wars? Just a sampling of the tons of books they have.


1/200, f stop 3.5, ISO 3200, indoor, late afternoon window light

I Love Melissa’s Room

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

She is 13.

I love the fact that her room reminds me of her personality. Happy and whimsical, bold and determined.  With three boys in the house it is necessary to have a girlie room for the only girl :)  I love pink and I am so glad she does too….


This is the other side of her room…the side that says that she works 20+ hours a week in the gym and loves every minute of it. I love her determination.


finally I love that she is still my little girl, the evidence is tucked away in a corner of her room but I know it is still there…

….she does too.


Have a great time capturing your heart with your camera !  : o )

I Love Evan’s Creativity!

Friday, February 4th, 2011

I asked Evan to hang up his clothes.

He did.


With thumb tacks right by his bed.

Then he crawled in to take a nap. I had to get the shot when I walked in to see where he was.   I love this about him.  I can see his creativity in so many things he does and I never want to forget it.  He is generally on another planet and it is so exciting to get glimpses into ‘Evan’s World’. 

Make a point to photograph the things about your life and your kids that maybe only you understand.

Have your eyes open and your camera handy when they happen!


‘Things I’m In Love With’ Month

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

February is Valentines Day month so I have decided to use that excuse to talk about photographing the things we love!  We will have so much fun this month!

This is one of my favorite things, a true storytelling shot. So, why was my husband so surprised when I told him that I had to get my camera before we ate the droughts?! I do love my husband more than Krispy Kreme but …. for some reason I took the picture of the doughnuts instead of him to start this ‘Things I’m In  with Love’ month! He will have his turn!


YUMMMM!!!! Can you just smell them? They were hot!


1/320, 2.8, ISO 3200 (it was at night with weird kitchen light so I needed the high ISO)

Do you have pictures of your favorite things? The things that make you happy and give you a good feeling just thinking about them? Why not? Take some photos of your favorite things today! You will be amazed at how well you do this…it is easy to photograph the things we love. While you are at it be sure to get some shots of your husband’s favorite things and your kids’…you should know what their favorite things are and have photos of them!

Make your list and have fun!



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