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Why Is The Bunk Bed in the Bathroom?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Sigh……our second baseball game got rained out, we still haven’t even played the first one!

We do like rain but maybe not this much of it! It has been raining and raining and we have been trying to keep busy inside. So, I pulled out an old toy that I had put away for a ‘rainy day’…or ‘rainy week’  in this case. You know…  your kids think they have a new toy when you put one away for 6 months and then pull it out!

The Fire Station (they got when they were three) has become a favorite once again! It is our boy version of a doll house!

I parked it right by the glass doors in the basement  – – – so I could take advantage of the light ‘just in case’ I needed to get my camera out : ) I call this being a prepared camera mom. Remember to do this. Your kids can play with their toys just as easy in good window light as they can in another not-so-good-light  spot in your house!


(See the natural light coming in the windows? That is what you are always looking for. I never use my flash  – – and I mean never. Once  you figure out how to set a few dials on your camera  you will not need to use your flash either. Read the camera info on the Help Me With tab above.)

The boys decided to bring the Star Wars crew to the Fire House. So the  Slave One   landed on the helicopter pad …


(This is what my posed shots look like – – which  is why I generally don’t take them!)

and the ‘Lego people’ came by for a visit…


(Oh my, dirty ‘rabbit ear’ hands! are those MY boys?!)

and the bunk bed was put in the bathroom and stayed there for a very good reason!


(not a bad place for the bunk bed… pretty convenient as Andrew pointed out that you have to go to the bathroom right before you go to bed and right when you get up!)

They had a blast…on this rainy day….with an old toy!



(this camera mom was a bit bored too so I tried a few new angles)

the watch dog did her job watching (?) their every move on this lazy rainy day…


and she even posed nicely for her photo…dogs do well in natural window  light too…


and the cat wanted to come in…but changed his mind and ran back into the rain when he saw the boys playing…wonder why?!


We ended the afternoon with some good reading at the kitchen table (by the window light) and got homework done early.


and this mama got a few shots in of her little reader …with green marker on his face…


(his brother was writing Chinese letters on his face…didn’t realize he knew Chinese!)

…all thanks to our new ‘old’ Fire Station…and our rainy day!


photo mom tip: Rainy days are a fool proof way to get that yummy photo light. The window light is so soft and creamy with the overcast sky.  Do try to put your kids toys in this window light and look for the little catch-lights in their eyes (the little white reflections) that tell you there is enough light on their face for a good exposure. These shots were taken with the following settings:

ISO between 1600-2000 because we were inside and it was overcast

F Stop 2.8 notice how some of the close-ups have extra blurry backgrounds,  with a low number here you get more blur when you are close up

Shutter Speed 1/80 – 1/100 since there wasn’t a lot of movement/activity I could slow it down a bit and keep the ISO a little lower

No post editing done on these shots as everyone was hungry and dinner needed to get cooked!

Scrapbook note: I do put my photos in a digital photo album. I will post more sample pages soon to show you how I go from what you see on this blog to what the books look like. Remember that your photos need to live in a book on your coffee table or in your kid’s room (where they will be rubbed and loved by little hands)…they do NOT need to live exclusively on a flash drive, memory card or in your computer on a blog or Face Book page! Let’s get them out!!!

“Mom, I am so glad that God invented playing.”

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

One of the best things about being a kid is the capacity to really enjoy your toys!!


There is something so fun about seeing the joy my kids get from playing… with their toys … and their  best toy- friend Woody…


or their bike bell….


their scooter….


or even just a stick!


Evan packs a bag of his treasures when we head out the door even if it is only a trip to the driveway. He takes his toys everywhere! It is safe to say that they just love to play!


Evan told me recently, “Mom, I am so glad that God invented playing.”

I agree! I think we should all play a little more.

Grab  your camera and take some ordinary shots of your wonderful kiddos, young or old, playing with their toys!

  + + + + + + +

most shots were taken today with the following settings:

ISO 100 or 160 because it was pretty sunny out;

shutter speed 1/200, nothing slower because the kids move fast!

F-Stop: around 4.0

Checkers Anyone?

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Dinner is on the stove, the aromas are filling the house,  little stomachs are hungry and mom announces that there will be no more snacks before dinner! A distraction is needed and quick…. then a little voice saves the day and says “who wants to play checkers?”


They scramble to the table….


… to figure out how to beat their big sister who knows ‘everything about everything’ according to the little guys who are half her age.


Hunger pain pre-dinner-meltdown disaster is averted.

As I grab the dishes to set the table;  I  quietly grab my camera.   Most of my photo ops are totally unplanned.

But I have to be quick.

And sometime I miss the shot.

But I always miss it if I don’t try.


These everyday not-fighting-actually-getting-along-sibling moments warm my heart…..because they are so rare!  I’m so glad I have them tucked away.

Grab them while you can your kids will grow up and be gone before you know it and you will need your photos to remind you of the sweet times : )

Tip: camera was set at 1/125, 2.8, ISO 1250. but other settings would have worked. My camera has a high  ISO setting which makes it easier to take shots indoors. The low f stop number give it the blurry background and it is fun to play with that. Remember that you need to keep the shutter speed over 100 if they are still and over 200 if they are moving to keep your photos sharp.

Lego Love: A Love Story

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The feelings run deep…


the infatuation is strong and their heart skips a beat at the sight of them…


it must be love!         Lego Love!


Capture your kids passion before it changes.

1/250, 3.5 ISO 800

Editing Tip: warm it up.

you can see the drastic difference between these two shots:

img_4014  img_4011

I changed the temperature setting post editing on the second shat.

I generally don’t like shots that are too posed but when Evan was playing with his Legos on the kitchen table I had to ask him to show it to me to get the ‘love story’.

I Love Melissa’s Room

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

She is 13.

I love the fact that her room reminds me of her personality. Happy and whimsical, bold and determined.  With three boys in the house it is necessary to have a girlie room for the only girl :)  I love pink and I am so glad she does too….


This is the other side of her room…the side that says that she works 20+ hours a week in the gym and loves every minute of it. I love her determination.


finally I love that she is still my little girl, the evidence is tucked away in a corner of her room but I know it is still there…

….she does too.


Have a great time capturing your heart with your camera !  : o )

Remember to Get the Everyday Stuff

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

You can tell I have boys at my house! Well I do and they are all in love with their Legos!

Don’t forget to get the everyday stuff that defines your life right now. One day the Legos will be replaced with girlfriends and car keys so get these sweet shots while you can!


1.125 F 3.5 ISO 800



Have a wonderful weekend taking pictures of your everyday life : )


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