I love this picture of my brother and me because it tells such a story that we were as close then as we are today; look at the way I am looking at him! He is my forever best friend and I just love this! This is a Storytelling shot for sure for me. I wish I had more pictures of us together especially from our teens.  Even though I don’t have that many photos of my growing up years, I am thankful to have more than a lot of people I know.


But often I think about the photos that I don’t have, do you? Have you ever thought about photos you wish you had from your childhood? Every now and then I think about my childhood and what I wish I could remember better. I think about the funny things, the fun times and the people in my life and I have to depend on my dim memory to conjure up the images in my mind …that are fading quickly! But these memories are so important, they helped mold me into what is important to me today as an adult and they give me a sense of my roots and a sense of belonging to a family. Even though our family photos from the past, there are some memories that are missing from our albums and I wish I could go back in time for just one day and get them!

Ok, so get a pen out and start making a list of the memories that are important to you and the photos you wish you had today. Your list will help guide you as you take pictures of your kid’s life now.

I promise this works.

Here is the beginning of my list. I keep adding to it, I think I could add 10 new thoughts every day to this list but there are some that come to mind first!

1. A photo of my room as a kid at different ages of my life at home, especially the ‘yellow’ room I had as a teen!

2. Little Grannie’s garden that I remember riding through on my red tricycle picking green onions of all things! (and eating them!)

3. That red tricycle with me on it

4. My neighborhood friend, Kim and all the Barbies we would play with for hours on end.

5. a photo of my brother and I in our tree house that we ‘lived’ in.

6. our back yard that we spent so much of our life in

7. the Little Kiddle dolls that I loved, I can remember what most of them looked like but would love a photo, I spent all my allowance on them.

8. my Easy Bake oven

9. my first two wheeler bike with the basket that my cat rode in

10. I would love a photo of my dance years and the studio that I used to spend so much time dancing my days away

11. my dad cooking his German food in the kitchen

12. my first grade teacher

13. me in my cheerleading outfit when I was a mascot for the big girls

14. me cheerleading at a game

15. me in the school play other than the tiny one from the school paper that is yellow and faded now.

16. better photos of our family vacations

17. my Great Grandmothers house in Montreat, NC, I have one picture of the outside but would love a photo of the inside…just one.

18. all my pets

19. my school, just the outside and the playground that I remember learning how to swing on the big rings.

20. our crazy funny neighbor Katherine

21. my Little Granny wearing her engagement ring that she left to me

22. a really good picture of little Granny and me

23. more photos of our whole family together, I think I have one or two.

24. there are so many more!

What photo do you wish you had from your childhood? What thing, or moment or event or person are you missing in your photo albums? Write them down. Now based on your list, make a list of what you think will be important to your children when they have children of their own. They are too little now to know that they will long for these sweet memories to be captured. It is SO easy to do it now and so fun. So stop wishing and dreaming and grab your camera and start…

What are you doing still reading this!

Go take a photo of your child’s room now; forget if the bed is made or not! And while you are at it grab a toy or two for a quick shoot. I’m headed over to Ebay to look up Little Kiddles!



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