Top Ten Photo Tips for Kids ages 4-7

  1. Get close on their level get on your knees or belly if needed
  2. Play happy music and let them dance, it sets a fun mood
  3. Play Simon Says game. This is so fun when you mix it up with silly things then add in the things you want them to do, put your hands in your pocket, tilt your head, jump up and down, make it silly and fun and you will get what you want.
  4. Special Toy: set aside a special toy that only gets brought out for reward after a successful photo shoot.
  5. Candy: Candy corn and non-melting candy works best you can have it on display and use it as a reward. I am always amazed what I will do for a piece of chocolate – – kids are not different!
  6. Give them a cute chair to sit in, it keeps them still.
  7. Sing a favorite children’s song that they like from a movie or show
  8. Get some help. It can be much easier to get good shots when you have a friend or babysitter or older sibling to get behind you and engage your kids. I always get good shots of my kids when my funny brother is over making faces behind my back! They love him!
  9. Ask a kindergarten teacher for games that kids think are funny. One told me about the ‘take a bath in’ game: name a bunch of silly stuff that would be gross to take a bath in: mud, bubblegum, lemonade,  get them to help, they think this is so funny!
  10. Practice and remember that the more you take the luckier you will get!

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