Top Ten Quick Tips for Good Kid Photos (anytime-any age)

1. Get close

2. Now get a little bit closer

3. watch the background and make sure you like it as much as the subject you are shooting

4. Look for natural light enough to get the sparkle lights in their eyes, and turn off the flash

5. Keep subject out of the middle of the frame; If they are looking away in the shot, give them room in your crop on the side where they are looking toward

6. Keep the camera out all the time so they don’t feel that they need to ‘perform’ when it does comes out; the cheesy staged smiles will not be your favorite shots

7. Kids are fast, use the ‘green box’ setting sometime if you simply don’t have time to fix your settings and you need the shot. Use the Sports setting on your camera if they are running fast and you don’t have time to adjust your settings

8. Use a chair for them to play/sit on or a toy to get them distracted

9. Have FUN and be patient with your subjects don’t get mad when they don’t do what you want exactly. And offer a sweet reward if they follow instructions

10. Practice. No one learns how to play the piano over night, you will not learn how to use your camera overnight. The more you practice the better you will be.


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