Final Day of Art Camp Day 4!

We got tons done on our final day of camp!

It started with drawing on the place cards again and today was ‘self portrait’ day. Here is the card before we gave it to the boys, I just drew in the outline. . It makes it much easier to get a head start on the drawings:


They just personalize them!




We made sharks out of rocks complete with black duct take fins! I loved seeing all the different teeth variations!

Square teeth:


rectangle teeth:


Sharp scary teeth!


Andrew kissed his shark (note black lips!)


Then we moved outside to our creative tie dye shirt project. We decided that we would not do complicated twisting and tying – – but rather a single initial would be perfect for active boys and not so much time left!




Love the shirts!


I had to grab a random shot of Evan’s crazy hair in the sun! It says summer to me! (Don’t forget to get shots of the simple everyday things you notice about your kids.)


Tilt the camera…


Where is the surf board????


Our final project was painting the pirate Lego faces on canvas. We had cut outs of the certain shapes to make the face. They traced the cutout on the canvas then painted. We washed/rinsed  the canvas with coffee to give it the old world look…


You can see the pirate Lego  poster we were using for our inspiration in this shot:



Finally, I had to get a group shot as camp was coming to a close! We had SO much fun and it all went by so fast!


Tip for getting groups: break them up into groups of three or four – – Moms like it best and you can see everyone easier!


Thanks for stopping by for a visit and checking out our Art Camp for Boys. The pictures don’t capture all the fun (and noise!) but they do a pretty good job! The camera mom tip here is to TAKE PICTURES of the everyday stuff that your life is made of. Say I Love You with your camera  — It works!!

More precious baby photos coming this week, stayed tuned!

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