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Baseball Stories

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I have a few more baby tips to post this month but I just had to get these fall baseball photos up! These are all shots from the past few weeks, they are generally not edited meaning they are straight out of my camera because I don’t have time to edit much. I use my Canon 70-200 2.8 lens for all sports…it is an ‘investment’ lens, but…I can’t think of anything I would rather invest in! I keep the ISO at 100 for day games, F-Stop 2.8 then I adjust the shutter speed keeping it really high for the action…1/500-1/1,200 if possible.

I think that the plays in baseball are so fun to capture… but the photo stories are what I love! Here are some reasons why I love baseball:

1. You don’t have to be really big to play this game.


2. It is good to get dirty. (check out the ball in mid air, the fast shutter keeps that ball clear.


3. What other sport can you get a shot like this! Note frozen action again with fast shutter.


4.  I like getting the real story on the ‘out/safe’ call…see what I mean? Still waiting for the  ump  to ask for my ‘photo’ help on these close calls.. he hasn’t asked for my opinion yet!


5. I like how little 8 year old boys make up a team.


…and have such a good time.


…and you can be on the same team with your brother…


6. I love that Evan can’t play without ‘eye-black’…


…even at night!


(I also love that baseball fields have really good lights at night so I can still get good shots!)

7. I love the baseball stuff… it’s just cool…the old leather, the balls the earthy colors….


8. I love that ‘Super Heroes show up at every game!


(you have to admit that he looks like a cousin of spider man  – – I am creating a new super hero character: Baseball Boy!)

9. I love that Andrew caught that foul tip on the third swing and got the batter out…(check his glove closely for the ball)…and I got the picture to go with his very exciting story  that he shared at the end of the game! …. (did I mention how excited he was?!)


10. Finally,I love the little moments that I get to be a part of….. from a distance.


These shots are all posted with little or no editing, just a little contrast adjustment on a few of them. It is important  to get comfortable with your camera so you can spend time getting the shots and not spend all your time post editing.

Mom tip for the day: look for the stories and click away. The plays are great and you don’t want to miss them but don’t forget to watch the boys through your lens off field to get the rest of the story.  Shooting sports is exciting because it is so unpredictable  – – but it can also be hard because it is so unpredictable. Practice as much as you can.  It will pay off!

Baseball Favorites

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I have been out shooting a lot of ‘life’ these past weeks and missed a week on the site, Oh No!

The boys finished up their Fall Ball season- – here are some favorites from the last few games:

Always look for the details wherever you go and lower your f-stop to get the blur.


The bat colors are fun to photograph every season.


Sometime you get lucky and the sun works for you.


And sometime you remember to watch the game through your lens and actually get the ‘play’.



I love his red socks and he loves the red dirt!



I like the shadows of the fence with the ball, don’t forget to shoot the ball whatever sport you are shooting if there is a ball.


How can this not be one of my favorites! The tip here is to watch the game through your camera lens; if you don’t you will miss it! He was a bit excited to get to first base! I love the look of the little boy on the left!


Was he really standing on his hands??? YES!


The end of the game is the best…especially when you win!


But the most fun is the hope that you will be the one to get the game ball..complete with an orange Gatorade smile!


Stay tuned for one more post on the final game of the season!

Camera Mom Tip:

My tip for today is to remind you to back up your photos in a few places before the busy Holidays hit! Do it today!

Playing Catch

Monday, November 7th, 2011

When I picked up my camera to capture this fun story of the boys trying to catch pop ups in the front yard, I knew I didn’t want the same‘ol shots. So I tried something different and got out of my ‘traditional box’ and got down on their level…grass and all. I literally got on my elbows for these and I don’t  know who had more fun in the front yard that day – – me or them! We were all playing catch: they were trying so hard to catch the ball and I was trying so hard to catch the moment!


I love the ‘face’ that Evan is making – – – he is trying so hard!


Can you just hear him laugh??!!


Evidently Andrew has his own ‘face’ when playing.


I like the angle here and the perspective.


Andrew is happy that his brother caught one!



the f-stop made these shots pop. If the trees were as in focus as the kids they would not have been as interesting. The f-stop was 2.8, the ss was 1/650 (because they were moving fast).


I got lucky and got him looking at me…


Again, the angle here makes this shot way more interesting.


This shot below could have been better if I was able to get their faces but at least I did get the ball!


This shot is just fun!


But if I had to pick my favorite I think this is it; the sun on his face and the grass all around makes me smile.


I am so happy that I decided to play ‘catch’ with my boys! These shots are priceless to me!

Camera Mom Tip

Get down on their level and shoot the everyday stuff!


don’t forget to back up your photos!!!!! How many copies do you have?

10 Tips: Birthdays and Baseballs!

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

My camera was working overtime this weekend with 2 birthday parties, 2 baseball games and evenings with friends over! Here are a few photo highlights and some camera mom tips to go with them!

Big News: Evan (finally) got the game ball! Evan has been ‘praying’ for the game ball for quite some time so you can imagine how excited he was to finally have it in his dirty little hands! (He is sleeping with it!)


Tip: These types of shots look best when they are off center. If you can’t position the shot off center while you are taking it, you can do it in an easy post edit crop. Note that the blurred background (low f-stop number) makes the subject stand out.

Coach Chris was showered with birthday hugs from the team..


Tip: Zoom in and get the action close up. It is fun to watch from the side, but it is more fun to look at photos after! Be the mom that gets the shot…or be friends with a mom that does!

This camera mom was glad to get the shot of the hit…with the ball.  I call  this my ‘going fishing’ shot because you have to try a lot and learn to wait patiently.


Tip: Set your camera to high speed continuous shooting so you can get lots of frames per second and increase your chances of getting the bat and the ball in the same shot.

We went to a friend’s birthday party and I had a great time shooting the wonderful crafty creations of the mom who is very talented … ‘making’  this the most creative Lego birthday ever!

The centerpiece was a work of Lego art.


Tip: When at an event, look for the decorations that define the theme and shoot them before too much activity starts. Once the party starts you are distracted.

The cake was a wonderful big Lego block!


img_0650  img_0651

Tip: get close-ups of the cake details. This is really fun to do with a low f-stop number on your camera setting to blur the background.

Request natural light for the cake shot if possible. This porch allowed  wonderful filtered light which made the picture taking a bit easier. Remember that you want a high shutter speed if possible which means that you need nice light on board.


Tip:  ‘Stage’ this all important candid shot if needed; we put the centerpiece near the cake for this shot and I checked the background before we started singing.

The finishing touches were everywhere! From handmade party streamers…


…to the decorated paper plates!


Finally the piñata…which was a Lego art project! I now know who to call when ‘my’ next middle school science project is due!


Tip: Ask a friend to come help you take photos of your birthday parties. No need to hire anyone, just offer to swap with another camera mom (or dad). It is not fun to throw the party AND shoot it at the same time! Jot down a list of what you want them to get ahead of time and take plenty of pre-party shots yourself. 

We also got a group shot and a shot of each child.

Moving on to our second game of the weekend! I practiced getting a few more fun shots of the ‘hits’.



And I met my camera mom goal this game to get some shots of the actual ‘plays’.  These shots are difficult because you have to anticipate them and not actually see them first.

So what do you think? Was he safe??


or out?


Tip: Know the game. Since you have to anticipate the play, you will have to know where it is going to potentially ‘happen’. Aim and shoot and look at what you got later later. Again the high speed continuous shooting mode (look in your manual to see if you have it) is your best friend with these shots. My camera does 6 shots a second but 3 or 4 a second is perfectly fine.

The ‘game ball’ ceremony at the end of the game…(note the little guy on the bottom right: is he trying to bribe the coach??!!)


But perhaps the most priceless are the shots you get on the sidelines at these games. These are the little slices of life that I LOVE the most…..


Tip: Keep your eyes open for what is going on around you and not just what is happening on the field.

How fun to get this ‘proud mama’ shot series of The Coming Across Home Plate Hug in full swing!




ISO 200, shutter speed 1/780, F stop 2.8

Tip: Be on the lookout for the un-posed emotional moments that are easy to miss because they are so fun to watch… don’t think too hard, just keep shooting when they are happening…something will turn out!

I have more to share but this is enough for one post!  This time of year is so full of photo taking opportunities…with the end of school and graduations and weddings…get your camera out and keep it charged up and near your car keys! Don’t miss a shot!


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