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Window light is Best for Babies!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Here is sweet Sophia again just a few weeks old.  The trick to photographing babies is to be patient. I am not a professional photographer and I have not been to formal photography classes  but I am a mom and I know that babies have to be fed, warm and with mama to be happy. So, I am guessing that works for the photography mom too. We got her up after a little nap and mama fed her. We moved over to some window light and started shooting.

First I grabbed some shots of this cute little bottom and those precious feet! I set my camera to the following settings using my 50mm 1.4 lens I love.  

Shutter Speed  1/125, because she was not moving fast, I usually like to keep the ss at least 1/200 with kids. but this day I needed to lower it to get the light to work.

F-Stop 3.5, because I wanted some blur in the background

ISO 500 because we were inside and the window light was not too bright.

I picked up this cute diaper cover at a specialty children’s shop for my camera bag because diapers are ugly and bright colors/clothes are not always flattering on newborns, we love baby skin to show.



Then we put a black shirt on mom and a pink bow on baby and tried out best to get baby to look at me, she was not too interested at first…


But I kept shooting…


and finally got some eye contact!


Next I wanted to get  some more feet to go with the shot we took before she was born, remember this one?



I had mom sit by the window. Window light is best…love it…

Then it was time to eat again! love the ‘nursing hands’!


The next tip is to try to get babies face close to mama, this is harder than you think but worth the effort.


I love the way the light is coming across her profile in these shots:


She is not old enough to hold her head up so a little help from mama’s hands under the blanket works.


Finally one more shot of that precious face! For these I used some black fabric that I had to drape behind her so there wasn’t a cluttered background. A few yards of black fabric is a perfect addition to your camera bag. Make sure the light from the window is on her face with her eyes catching some of the soft light.



I love the black and white/sepia look especially against the black background. Sometime I use the black and white adjustment on my Memory Manager software but then it is a little blue to me…so I warm it up a bit to get this look….not totally B&W and not totally sepia.

img_1792 sep

Stay tuned for some more baby photos of a brand  new baby boy!

Get your camera out today!


Baby Girl!

Monday, August 6th, 2012

I take my camera whenever I go visiting friends with kids – especially new babies. You never know what you may get when you are least expecting. I also know that the new mom doesn’t have time to stop and breathe let alone take time to capture her new little blessing. So, the next time you bring a yummy dinner to a new mom – – bring your camera too and get a few shots of the new baby- – it will be a gift they will love way after the dinner is gone and the dishes are done!

A new hat makes a perfect picture.


…especially when  you get a little ‘almost smile’ to go with it!


Sometime the best photos are taken without moving the baby out of her position at all – – I moved the swing so it faced the window and got the light on her face.


We took her top off because we like baby skin – but she still didn’t wake up!


This is in b&w with a warm touch in editing.


This shows another b&w before warming it up:


…then after warming just a touch:


Love those baby feet! (by the way…invest in a diaper cover, they are a must for your baby camera bag!)



Is she waking up?




Ask mom to help – – her hands were under the blanket below holding up her head – – pretty soon baby will be able to hold her own head up but for now this works great. Remember to stay close to the window light so you see the ‘light’ in her eyes – – that is when you know you have enough light on her face.


Have mom carry her over to the window for some natural window light:



Finally, I carry a few yards of black fabric to use for a backdrop anywhere I go, works great:


img_1792 sep

Camera Mom Tips for this shoot:

  1. All of these shots were with my 1.4 50 mm lens
  2. Most were shot at: f Stop 3.5 (because I was pretty close) ISO 500, ss 1/125; but it all depends on the available light
  3. I did lighten a few of the photos  in editing but I did not touch up any of the shots, if mom wants to enlarge a favorite for framing I will use my editing tool to remove some of the little bumps if she wants me too. But I don’t believe you need to spend a lot of time in editing; we are busy moms and editing takes tons of time!
  4. I keep a small bag packed with the following for baby outings

blue, pink and white small satin blanket

boy and girl diaper covers

3-4 yards of tulle

black fabric

small stuffed animal for getting babies attention, rattle

various hats and bows as I collect them

Camera bag: 50mm lens and tripod

Final tip!

Don’t bring any expectations with you!!! I try to ‘act’ like my visits are not to get the perfect photo – – when expectations are set high baby somehow knows and doesn’t cooperate! When the the mood is relaxed and fun and calm we are all happier and we get much better photos!


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