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Photo Tips For a Weekend Retreat!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A relaxing weekend needs some special photos!


When you go away it can be a temptation to leave your good camera at  home…my advice?


You don’t have to focus on photos your whole trip but do take time to get some details so you can tell the story later. I went to this wonderful retreat center recently with a friend and I am so glad to have some good photos to to use to make a digital book to share and remember the trip. It is important to journal and remember the things that we do that impact our lives… putting the details in a digital album are the perfect way to do this.

Get some ‘big picture’ shots that tell the story of where you were.



(I had to sit on the ground to get this angle to get the whole steeple in the shot)

But remember to keep your eyes peeled for the details that makes your photo story so interesting:


Like these very cool orange very tiny (1/2 inch tall) mushrooms that I have never seen before that we saw on one of the trails growing out of the tiny gravel!


This is a good example of a very low f stop and a shallow depth of field: the closer you are to your subject with a low f stop the more out of the focus the background and foreground will be…only a sliver of the photo will be in focus… hence a shallow depth of field.

I can’t get enough of the flower photos, they are among my all time favorites!


We were at the Billy Graham training center and so I had to get some defining details as well:





The chapel was so simple and so beautiful.


I love taking photos of things in rows; the pews were old and interesting … I got on ‘their’ level to get the shot.


I couldn’t get enough of the mountains…even though it is a cliché shot – – take them anyway!


Camera Mom tips for a weekend get away:

  1. Pack your good camera; charge your battery and empty your memory card the night before you leave. I always put a sticky note on the back door to remind me to get the battery; it is easy to forget when you are in a rush to leave. Don’t forget to bring your charger.
  2. Plan to take your camera  out 2 or 3 times during the trip; you don’t need to carry it the whole time.
  3. look for the big picture shots that describe where you are.
  4. Take shots that explain the mood of the place you visit (the rocking chairs above show the relaxing nature of this trip!).
  5. Details are as important in your photos as they are in a good story. Look for details that spark an emotion, a sense of beauty or that ‘describe’ where you are. The mushrooms in this example are an unexpected detail or it may be close ups of shells on a beach or nature around you are even beautiful food!
  6. Be sure to get ‘you’ in at least a few shots.
  7. Photos of photos or of art are fine!
  8. Think about the plan or the layout for your album as you take shots i.e. get the shots you need for the cover of the book as well as front and last pages. The ‘big picture’ shots work well for these.
  9. Look for and take the cliché shots!
  10. Make your book on the way home from the trip. You can do this if you have a laptop. I do this on the way home from most of our vacations so I don’t forget the details of the trip. I have a ac car adapter, my husband drives and I scrapbook!



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