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Water balloons.

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Hello everyone! I have been hanging out at www.momsmanagingmedia.com (my other site) where I encourage families to balance technology use with childhood! Check out my summer series “30 minutes Outside” where I am posting an outside activity each day this summer to focus on a healthy balance between technology use and childhood…and there is a photo with every post! I will be catching up on our last party and our summer art camp photos here soon!


It was hot today! The boys took a break from their fort building to make up some water balloon games, an activity that is perfect for ALL ages! This is another activity that keeps on giving as the job begins with filling the balloons, then making up the game (tag, catch, hunt etc.) then setting up a target and taking aim..


…and trying to hit it over and over, then sometimes hitting it!


This is a fun activity that will keep your kids busy fine tuning their eye hand coordination, working on their fine motor skills filling and tying balloons, practicing their aim, playing with others, cooling off  and having a blast! Encourage your kids to learn how to have a fun water balloon fight and be sure you teach them how to tie them off so you can stay in the cool indoors : )


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