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A Creative Photo Shoot for a Very Creative Teen!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I have a very talented photographer niece. We all saw her work on a recent post…her photos of a graduating senior. Well, my niece just graduated herself so we decided to get some senior shots of her while she was here. I wanted so badly to capture her creative personality in these shots so the pressure was on!

We worked together and came up with some shots she was happy with. I was behind the camera but she had a lot to do with the posing and ‘feel’ of the shots.  It was really fun working with her. Most of the time when you work with teens they are not so happy to be in front of the camera so this was a fun time for me!

I used a very inexpensive reflector for some of these shots. Using a white foam core science board also works well to get the light back on your subject’s face even when you are outside and you think you have plenty of light.



She really liked the different angles and poses so I let her lead the way!



I personally liked this pose a lot..try it with your teen or any age child. Again, it helps to have the white board to reflect some light back on their face especially if they are this close to the ground or they are not facing the light source.


Keep moving the camera to try something that you generally don’t do.


Different expressions bring out different parts of her personality.



I think the biggest tip is to let your teen participate in the photo shoot and don’t be the ‘boss’ telling them what to do. Ask them what they want and keep asking…you will be pleasantly surprised with what you end up with! But most importantly, they will be too!



Most of these shots were taken with my 50mm fixed lens (love that lens!)


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